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Now showing in the gallery:

“Billions and Billions: New Work by Jonathan Barcan,” monoprints

Exhibit: January 3 – February 4, 2020

Reception: Friday, January 3, 7-9pm

Billions and Billions: New Work by Jonathan Barcan,” an exhibit of monoprints by Jonathan Barcan, will be on view at the Multnomah Arts Center beginning January 3. This body of work is inspired by a lecture by contemporary philosopher Alan Watts, titled, “The Wiggly World.” Watts describes the connection between human consciousness and the Big Bang, and discusses the challenge that society has to integrate ’nature’ with ‘progress.’ An opening reception will be held in the gallery on Friday, January 3, 7-9pm. The show ends February 4 at 5pm.


Jonathan Barcan is a Portland based mixed media artist and printmaker who exhibits nationally and internationally. Noteworthy exhibitions include the Florence Biennial, Florence, Italy and the Today Museum Printmaking Center, Beijing, China. Residencies include the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing and Druckwerk Print Studios in Basel, Switzerland. He is active in the local arts community as a participant, educator, and volunteer. Barcan has taught a number of art classes and workshops at universities and arts institutions. Using the intaglio process to create “Billions and Billions,” he employed a variety of printmaking techniques, including drypoint, line etching, and aquatint methods. The completed works utilize a multiple plate printing process wherein each image is made up of ten to seventy different etchings, run through the press together on a single sheet of paper. As he explains, “Each resulting piece has a stacked and quilted quality, referencing compiled information and presenting many parts as a whole. I find that arranging larger compositions from a collection of smaller pieces allows for a creative improvisation which helps to push even further how the idea of ‘drawing’ can be incorporated into today’s  printmaking practice.” Based upon Watts’ theories, he combines imagery ranging from the figurative to the abstract. Diagrammatic drawings sit alongside anatomical illustrations, textural elements, and references to medical scans. The prints, like Watts’ theories, explore the progression of humanity in relationship to the evolution of the universe. Barcan further states, “It is as if without conscience, in the same way that a rock knows nothing of the hillside that it slides down or a molecule knows nothing of the biological current that it travels, our collective culture moves with a forward momentum that exists without memory.”

Coming soon to the gallery:

“Metamorphosis: Works in Metal,” jewelry and sculpture

Exhibit: February 7 – March 3, 2020

Reception: Friday, February 7, 7-9pm

“Metamorphosis: Works in Metal,” an exhibit by The Creative Metal Arts Guild of greater Portland, will be on view at the Multnomah Arts Center beginning February 7.  Jewelry and sculpture are featured.   “Metamorphosis, a complete change of form, structure, or substance, is a theme that encourages innovation and self-reflection,” explains show designer Madeleine Moore, Vice President of the CMAG Board.  “This exhibit truly showcases the exceptional array of skills, experiences, and backgrounds our members bring to their daily art practices,” says CMAG President, Rachel Morris.  An opening reception will be held in the gallery on Friday, February 7, 7-9pm. The show ends March 3 at 5pm.


The Creative Metal Arts Guild (CMAG) is a not-for-profit organization of metal artists who share a common passion for learning, creation, innovation and community.  They rely on volunteer members – artists, makers, metalsmiths, jewelers, sculptors, hobbyists, business owners – to propel each other’s work forward.  Their mission is to cultivate excellence in the metal arts through education, advocacy and community for members during all stages of their development.  CMAG meets at 7pm on the third Tuesday of every month at the Multnomah Arts Center to discuss and demonstrate aspects of metalworking and art as a business.  Visitors are welcome but are asked to become members by their third visit.

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A portion of all sales supports arts education at MAC

Multnomah Arts Center Gallery has approximately 200 linear feet with beautiful white display walls and “floating” walls for versatile art displays. As an educational instrument for our community, the MAC Gallery has been open since 1982 and has had over 300 shows. The artists who show here are residents of Oregon or Washington if they live in the immediate vicinity of Portland. We have 12 shows throughout the year with an artist reception coinciding with First Friday in Multnomah Village.

The MAC Gallery reflects the artistic dynamism of the Portland area with exhibits that emphasize the following:

  • Artists not necessarily represented by a gallery or with an art degree
  • A diverse spectrum of media, from Fibers to Metal Arts and beyond
  • Diversified subject matter, from controversial themes to the simply pleasing
  • The working process of art through repetition of a single artist or group
  • Trends in the artistic community Artwork related to current events

Though the main purpose of the Multnomah Arts Center Gallery is educational, we hope to have the shows stimulate thought and/or emotion and create some sort of reaction in the viewers who go through it.

Multnomah Arts Center’s mission is to provide high quality instruction and participation in the performing and visual arts to all interested persons, regardless of age, race, religion, ethnic origin, financial means, or level of ability. The MAC Gallery reflects this mission by paying the artist a larger commission than traditional galleries. Artists are accepted to show their work based upon a variety of criteria including artistic excellence, content, craftsmanship, professionalism, marketability, and educational value.

If you are interested in purchasing an artwork on display which is for sale, please inquire at the front office. A portion of all sales supports arts education at MAC. Read about the gallery’s 2013 renovation in the Portland Tribune.

For more information about MAC’s Gallery and Exhibitions, please contact Jaye Cambell.

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