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Call For Artwork: Monthly Shows for Multnomah Arts Center Gallery 2020

Announcing a Call to Artists for the 2020 Multnomah Arts Center Gallery schedule of monthly juried exhibits. Experienced and emerging artists living in Oregon or Washington (in the vicinity of Portland) are invited to submit group and solo proposals for shows in the gallery. The proposal submission deadline is September 1, 2019. The schedule will be determined by jury in September. Notification of the artists will be complete by October 1st. Acceptable Media and Procedures for the Submission of Artwork are attached. For more information about this Call to Artists, please contact Jaye Campbell at:  For more information about MAC and the Center Gallery, call 503-823-2787.

We are pleased to announce our guest juror, printmaker Gene Flores. He was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) and his masters of Art and Fine Arts in Printmaking, with honors, from the University of Iowa. Gene began his teaching career at UTEP, where he taught basic drawing courses and also served as the Art Gallery Director. After working at UTEP for three years, Gene decided to leave his hometown and accepted a part-time faculty position at the University of Iowa teaching life drawing classes as well as working at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art as a preparator. He has also taught painting, drawing and printmaking at Clackamas Community College. Gene is currently the Dean of Arts, Performance and Design division at Portland Community College Sylvania Campus.

Gene’s artworks are self-portraits and are greatly influenced by literature, music, politics, religion and everyday activities. As he explains, “My images have been described as humorous, insightful, and disturbing.  Viewers often find my work to be thought provoking and challenging. I enjoy challenging viewers and their preconceived notions of what we take for granted. Many of my works are playful thoughts and my reaction of the world around me, with mythological creatures and a combination of human and animal characters (logic and instinct) playing a vital role. “His works are a window to another world with reoccurring characters and themes that tiptoe between the surreal and absurd. This is a strange world where anything is possible and where anything can, and often does happen.

Gene exhibits his works nationally and internationally. They can be found at the University of Iowa, El Paso Museum of Art, University of Texas El Paso, Sonoma State University, Universidad de Costa Rica, and Mira Costa College as well as private collections. The image below is a hand colored etching called Father Fish. The piece is 18 x 24 inches and was produced in 2018.

Now showing in the gallery:

Pacific Northwest Sculptors

September 6 – October 1, 2019

Reception: Friday, September 6, 7-9pm

Artists Talk: Saturday, September 7, 11am

“Unmatched Pairs”

A group show of individual and collaborative sculpture

​”Unmatched Pairs,” an exhibit of individual and collaborative sculpture by Pacific Northwest Sculptors will be on view at the Multnomah Arts Center beginning September 6. Each artist exhibits one individual piece plus a collaborative piece created with the sculptor they have agreed to partner with. An opening reception will be held in the gallery on Friday, September 6, 7-9pm. An artists talk will occur Saturday, September 7, 11am. The show ends October 1 at 5pm.

The Pacific Northwest Sculptors collaborative pairs are: Andy Kennedy/Dave Gonzo; Michelle Collier/Laurie Vale; Sue Quast/Bob Shepps; Andy Kennedy/Julian Voss-Andreae; Shelly Durcia-Laiche/Chayo Wilson; Piper Wood/Katie Sallos; Rocky Jaeger/Joe Cartino; Joe Cartino/Jonas Hartly; Sandy Visse/Linley Schetky; George Heath/Patrick Gracewood; Chas Martin/Craig Dorety. For the artists, the process had its own reward as they pushed themselves and each other into new perspectives. The show intends to motivate the viewer to seek collaboration with another artist. As curator Chas Martin explains, “Artists usually work in isolation. For this show, sculptors paired up to create collaborative pieces. Most individuals specialized in different media. Integrating concept and media was a risk for everyone. The results offer viewers a unique perspective on the creative process and demonstrate the power of collaboration.”

Coming soon in the gallery:

Ancestral Connections

Group Mixed Media Show Celebrating Portland’s African Diaspora

Curated by Bobby Fouther

October 4 – October 29, 2019

Reception: Friday, October 4, 7-9pm

Images: Top to Bottom & Left to Right: Eldon Jones III, Ruth Gourdine, Chris McMurry, Bobby Fouther, Jamaali Roberts, Alice Price, Hobbs Waters, Mufu Ahmed, Sean Patterson, Not Pictured: Blacque Butterfly (Spoken Word)

Curator’s Statement:

When I first thought about creating this exhibit, I wanted to show a breath of artwork from diaspora. As I turned it to my artistic family, I began to realize that we functioned much like a Village. And so I chose to treat each member as an artistic force for the whole. Through this lens I was able to cross genders, ages, styles, aesthetics, and content. In the essence, this has created the Village voice that you will experience in viewing and hearing Ancestral Connections.

While the artists in this exhibit were born and raised in different locations, different households, on different continents, you will see a theme of the need to take one’s personal experiences and create visual interpretations. It’s this internalization and processing that I recognized in this group of friends as well as many others to created our artistic Family. As in any family, the group contains mentors, students, parents, elders, and many more who function as extended resources for belonging.

I hope the viewer will take in and experience the sense of joining in on these familial excursions. I hope you see how we have shared our inner experiences to create this Village. I hope you hear how we have shared our stories to create our sense of family. – Bobby Fouther/Curator


Featured artists are:

Bobby Fouther/Curator- Mixed Media
Mufu Ahmet- Sculptures & Quilts
Blaque Butterfly- Spoken Word
Ruth Gourdine- Paintings
Eldon Jones III- Paintings
Chris McMurry- Paintings & Photographs
Saan Patterson- Paintings
Alice Price- Paintings
Jamaali Roberts- Collage
Hobbs Waters- Paintings

Gallery Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 9:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

A portion of all sales supports arts education at MAC

Multnomah Arts Center Gallery has approximately 200 linear feet with beautiful white display walls and “floating” walls for versatile art displays. As an educational instrument for our community, the MAC Gallery has been open since 1982 and has had over 300 shows. The artists who show here are residents of Oregon or Washington if they live in the immediate vicinity of Portland. We have 12 shows throughout the year with an artist reception coinciding with First Friday in Multnomah Village.

The MAC Gallery reflects the artistic dynamism of the Portland area with exhibits that emphasize the following:

  • Artists not neccessarily represented by a gallery or with an art degree
  • A diverse spectrum of media, from Fibers to Metal Arts and beyond
  • Diversified subject matter, from controversial themes to the simply pleasing
  • The working process of art through repetition of a single artist or group
  • Trends in the artistic community Artwork related to current events

Though the main purpose of the Multnomah Arts Center Gallery is educational, we hope to have the shows stimulate thought and/or emotion and create some sort of reaction in the viewers who go through it.

Multnomah Arts Center’s mission is to provide high quality instruction and participation in the performing and visual arts to all interested persons, regardless of age, race, religion, ethnic origin, financial means, or level of ability. The MAC Gallery reflects this mission by paying the artist a larger commission than traditional galleries. Artists are accepted to show their work based upon a variety of criteria including artistic excellence, content, craftsmanship, professionalism, marketability, and educational value.

If you are interested in purchasing an artwork on display which is for sale, please inquire at the front office. A portion of all sales supports arts education at MAC. Read about the gallery’s 2013 renovation in the Portland Tribune.


For more information about MAC’s Gallery and Exhibitions, please contact Jaye Cambell.

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