Patricia Rehm

Textiles Instructor

Born and raised in Portland, Patricia has been an artist since childhood and is mainly active in three fields of artisitic expression: stained glass, jewelry, and fiber arts.

Patricia has been working in stained glass since 1975, doing custom designs for both flat panels and fused glass works. Her work in stained glass is accepted and sold through Real Mother Goose and Street of Dreams, as well as by private clients. Additionally, she has taught glass classes and private lessons over the years.

Patricia’s jewelry-making practice began in the early 1980s; she uses silver, trade beads, glass, and semi-precious stones in her jewelry work.

Since 1975, Patricia has worked in fiber arts, and most recently she has been creating and embellishing felt pieces, both functional and whimsical, for clothing, purses, and unique containers. Using specially dyed fibers, an ancient felting technique, and hand sculpting, each creation becomes a one-of-a-kind lightweight, durable, and exquisite piece of art.

Some of Patricia’s work:

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