Gates Callanan

Cartooning & Animation Instructor

Since Gates could talk, they have been telling stories. Inspired at a young age by the vibrant characters of Beatrix Potter, they create characters who have a strong identity. Each character is a story within itself. Gates’ characters are inspired by a combination of different memories, materials, images, songs, and textures.

Gates creates three dimensional characters and spaces no matter where they are. Movement is an obsession of theirs as well.

Character and movement brought them to the medium of stop motion, where they are able to merge sculpture and motion.

Gates was born and educated in Rhode Island, graduating with a BFA in Film, Animation, and Video in 2016 from the Rhode Island School of Design. Since then they have lived in Portland, Oregon, while working for Laika Studios, spent time in Joshua Tree, CA, and New York City. Gates currently resides in Portland.