Craton Highways

Office & Rentals Lead

Craton Highways is a Burmese American poet, author, feminist, and LGBTQIA+ rights advocate. Craton has published four books in Myanmar, including poetry collaboration, essays, short stories, and articles. His articles published monthly in Myanmar focus on mental health, gender and sexuality, gender equality, relationship management, social psychology, and social diversity. Born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar, Craton majored in Russian at Yangon University of Foreign Languages. He dropped out of college due to disquieting upheavals in his personal and family life. Craton was a teenager when he was living in Malaysia for over two years, working different jobs while financially supporting the family left behind. He started publishing his creative writing work on personal and non-commercial blogs. In the later years, his social media presence became a catalyst and a stepping stone for his writing career.

Craton migrated to the U.S. in 2011 to give his life a fresh start. He earned an A.A. in arts, sciences, and letters from Portland Community College and a B.S. in psychology from Portland State University. He worked as a TA and peer advisor at the psychology department as well as an orientation leader at Portland State University. Craton also worked as an ESL and math tutor at David Douglas High School in SE Portland. The nonprofit program he worked for empowers and assists high school students who were refugees and immigrants. For several years now, Craton volunteers to teach Burmese, Buddhist studies, and meditation to Portland’s younger Burmese American generation at the Sirimangala Buddhist Monastery in NE Portland.

Craton joined the greater workforce of Portland Parks & Recreation Bureau in 2015. He is currently working in the administrative office at the Multnomah Arts Center as a Recreation Leader. He enjoys hiking, singing, traveling, and Skyping in with family in Myanmar.

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